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Code: DS 71 S Ser.No.: 20411983

Product Code : code-ds-71-s-ser-no-20411983

Producer : Baumüller

Supplier : ANS Vietnam

Product Type : Bộ điều khiển Baumuller(Biến Tần)

Price : Vui lòng liên hệ

Stock :

Warranty : 12 tháng

Datasheet :Download

DC motors GN

User-friendly and compact

DC motors definitely have their place in drive systems, especially when compact and easy-to-handle electrical drives are required. DC technology offers many benefits for your systems in terms of user-friendliness. In our DC drives, the torque is proportional to the current; since only a relatively simple conversion of AC and DC current is necessary, the devices can be very compact and represent a highly cost-effective, technically advanced drive solution.

Your benefits:

  • High thermal safety
  • Outstanding smooth running characteristics even at low speeds
  • High power density
  • Simple control characteristics
  • Long brush service life
  • Power output up to 500 kW




GN...N 100-200 DC shunt-wound motors 2013.1 GN...N 100-200

 890, 2.64 MB

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